Lahore Girls Mobile Numbers Diya Khan Pakistani Girls Mobile Numbers Name: Mobile Number:0*******2 Age:27 Location:Lahore Interest:Dosti Diya Khan from Lahore Hello! My name is Diya & I am from Lahore that the Famous city of Pakistan. We are two sisters and one brother. My father is a Doctor. My Mum is very kind with us. […]

Karachi Girls Mobile Number Allya Memon Pakistani Girls Mobile Numbers Name:Allya Memon Mobile Number:033****640 Age:21 Location:Karachi Interest:Dosti Allya Memon from Karachi   Assalam-a-Alaikun! Hello to everyone out there. How are you all? I think there is everything fine and ok. You people are thinking who I am. My full name is Allya Memon and I […]

Attock Girls Mobile Number Ayesha Khan Pakistani Girls Mobile Numbers Name:Ayesha Khan Mobile Number:03****7870 Age:23 Location:Attock Interest:Dosti Ayesha Khan from Attock Attock is a city located in the northern border of the Punjab province of Pakistan and the headquarters of Attock District. It is located on the bank of the Indus, just 80 km from […]

Gujrat Girls Mobile Number Zoya Khalid Pakistani Girls Mobile Numbers Name:Zoya Khalid Mobile Number:03*****110 Age:18 Location:Gujrat Interest:Dosti Zoya Khalid Teacher from Gujrat Gujrat is a city in Pakistan. The major sources of livelihood among the Gujrat populace are agriculture and small industries. Gujrat is also known as the city of King Porus. Gujrat is one […]

Attock Girls Mobile Number Zoya Khan Pakistani Girls Mobile Numbers Name:Zoya Khan Mobile Number:03*****96 Age:24 Location:Attock Interest:Dosti Zoya Khan College Student Friendship is not something you learn in school, but if you haven’t learned the meaning of friendship, you really haven’t learned anything. I am very happy that the article I am going to write […]

Islamabad Girls Mobile Number Sara Malik Pakistani Girls Mobile Numbers Name:Sara Malik Mobile Number:03217 Age:21 Location:Islamabad Interest:Dosti

Sweet Girls Mobile Numbers Abiha Sheikh Pakistani Girls Mobile Numbers Name:Abiha Sheikh Mobile Number:0333 Age:21 Location:Jhung Interest:Dosti

Punjabi Girls Mobile Numbers Angel Alina Pakistani Girls Mobile Numbers Name:Angel Alina Mobile Number:0333787 Age:22 Location:Punjab Interest:Dosti

Ufone Girls Mobile Numbers Afreen Khan Pakistani Girls Mobile Numbers Name:Afreen Mobile Number:033471 Age:21 Location:Nowshera Interest:Dosti

Taxila Girls Numbers Ainee Sheikh Pakistani Girls Mobile Numbers Name:Ainee Sheikh Mobile Number:033496 Age:22 Location:Taxila Interest:Dosti

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