Hello Guys Shazia here from Karchi Sindh Pakistan, I am uploading my picture and details here for thr friendship boys of Karachi and all over the Pakistan. I am a University student girl and want some fun with new friends, I online on line free calls and text messenger and also on facebook and skype, […]

Hello guys, How are you all, I am begam Sahiba from Karachi Pakistan, And here in this website I will introduce my self and I want to share my pics and my bio here. My name is Begam Sahiba (fake name) from Karachi the city of Sindh Pakistan and I want some boy friends for […]

Enjoyment and Entertainment in life is the right of every human being; Male and female have their own way and methods to enjoy their life happy. Here in this article you will read about Pakistani girls who are enjoying their life at Karachi beach with their friends, relatives and families. Nowadays the romantic and fashionable […]

Karachi is the lovely and attractive city of Pakistan; it has a kind of beauty that all over Pakistani boys and girls are concerned by its beauty and chronological places. All over Pakistani people really like historical places and beautiful areas for entertainment and spending time that’s why they are choosing such places where they […]

Friendship is a very good relationship that keeps you full of happiness and joy because in the friendship you can trust and share you all the feeling with her. Therefore, everyone like the friendship and want a correct life partner. Friendship is very famous in all over the world but especially Pakistani people really like […]

Karachi is the city of wonderful and brilliant place of Pakistan and it is renowned for many fine-looking things that you will read below in details. Karachi is the normal and small city of Pakistan which is recognized for the attractiveness and many attractive places and thing. But here I am going to draw your […]

The article I am going to write is concerning standard and well known city of Pakistan. Karachi is a very modern city of all over other cities in Pakistan. The populaces of Karachi are well educated and very modern. The boys and girls of Karachi are welcoming and friendly. Most of Pakistani common people desire […]

Karachi is the huge and very gorgeous city of Pakistan which is known for its beauty and atmosphere. All the places of Karachi is well known but some of the beautiful places such as parks, gardens, shopping Malls, sea port and some other places make place in the heart of people. That’s why they want […]

Karachi is the popular and amazing city of Pakistan, which is famous for the amazing places and attractive people of Karachi. The most amazing place of Karachi Pakistan is the sea bank which is known for lover point. All over Karachi young boys and girls love to spend their evening there with friends and lovers. […]

The article I am going to write is about the city of Karachi and its people; here you will know about Karachi Pakistan and about the friendship of Karachi boys and girls. Everybody knows very well about Karachi Pakistan and its amazing places but many of Pakistani people don’t know about the friendship of Karachi […]

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