Hello Guys Shazia here from Karchi Sindh Pakistan, I am uploading my picture and details here for thr friendship boys of Karachi and all over the Pakistan. I am a University student girl and want some fun with new friends, I online on line free calls and text messenger and also on facebook and skype, so you can talk me by line, skype or facebook, but I will preffer line and skype, and I can do video chat also with you by skype.

Line Girl Mobile Number From Karachi

Mobile Number for Friendship with Girls
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Hello guys, How are you all, I am begam Sahiba from Karachi Pakistan, And here in this website I will introduce my self and I want to share my pics and my bio here.

Pakistani-Aunty-Begam-Sahiba-Want-FriendshipMy name is Begam Sahiba (fake name) from Karachi the city of Sindh Pakistan and I want some boy friends for hot talk and chat, We can talk on Mobile phone, WhatsApp, Viber, Facebook and skype, You can also do a video chat with me, I am also looking a beautiful and cute groom for me so if anyone is intrested in me then just PM me on  my ID of Friendz-Power.com, So I am waiting for you all friends, have a nice day, good bye.

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Hello guys, you have watched many pictures and video in ChawalzMasti.com website of Pakistani girls and women, but today I am posting a hot Pakistani lollywood actress leaked sex scandal video, the name of actress is Meera, Yes today you will watch the sex scandal video of top Paki model Meera with her boy friend Captian Naveed.

In this video Meera is full nude on bed and the Captain Naveed is doing sex with her, Captain Naveed and Meera ar making the video during their hot sex, they are also talking during sex. Now that video has been leaked and millions of people watched it on internet, now you will watch this leaked video here, but we are cutting some scenes from the clip because this is a family and safe website.


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Hello friends, I am Pari from Garden Town Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan, I am a student girl and I want to make new friends for life. So I have decided to make my profile and introduction this website, I have visited this website so many time and enjoyed it, and now I am writing here about myself.

I am Pari from Garden Town Lahore, I am 22 years old and I am a college student, I like fun and enjoyment, I want to make a boyfriend for life time partnership for only fun, I have my own Honda Civic car and I will go with my new friend for walk, parks and cinemas. I don’t care if you are not rich, my need is just sincerity, so if you feel you are a sincere boy then just leave your mobile number in comments below, I will check your facebook profile and contact you by WhatsApp or phone call, I am using WhatsApp, Viber and Line on my mobile so If you are also using WhatsApp, viber or line then you are my prefferd boy.

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Hello friens, how are you all, I hope you will be fine, now today I am writing this post for hot and sexy girls and boys friendship by mobile phone numbers or Viber & WhatsApp number. If you are hot or Sexy girl / boy then you can leave your mobile phone number below to friendship with new people that you want, and you can also search cell numbers below in the comments section.

Hot Sexy Girls Mobile Sexy Girl in Bathroom Nude Sexy Girl in Car Sexy Girls Sexy Girls from Pakistan Sexy Girls Mobile Numbers from Pakistan Sexy Girls Mobile Numbers Pakistan Sexy Girls Picture Sexy Office Girls WhatsApp Girls Mobile NumbersPakistan is a big country of Asia and so many Asians like Indians, Benagali, Punjabi, Urdu Speaking, Malaysians want to fun by mobile phones so I am dedicating this post for all those Asian people whom want this. You can also do chat in our chat rooms with your new friends, and If you do not want to share your cell number then Our Chat Rooms are a good choice for you. And You can also leave your skype Id’s and facebook Id,s in the comments below.

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Hello guys, today in this website you will watch the latest pictures and photos of Pakistani brides with news fashion trends and dressings. By these pictures you can choose your dress for your own wedding or for your bride. I tried to collect all the colors and designs dressed brides, after the month February, the season of weddings will be start so I am posting these photos for you so you can select the dress, like Lehnga, Saree for your wedding (Baraat or Walima). So now watch Beautiful and Hot Pakistani Brides here and leave your comments about this post below in the section of facebook comments. You don’t have to need sign-in to our website; you can leave your comments from your facebook ID.


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Hello guys how are you, I am Nazli from Gulshan e Iqbal Lahore, I am 23 years old beautiful and hot girl and I am doing BBA from a private collage. I want friendship online via internet so I am contacting you all by this online web platform.

Gulshan e Iqbal Girls Mobile NumbersI am sure you are thinking that what I need to make new friends by internet or online so your answer is this that we shifted in Lahore in 2013 from Karachi city of Sindh cause of threats and terror in our old area of Karachi city. So I have not more friends in Lahore city and my all old friends are left in Karachi and I can’t meet then regularly, so I am looking for sincere friends in Lahore city I will prefer girls and boys both near to my area “Gulshan e Iqbal Lahore”. So if you are from Gulshan e Iqbal Lahore or from a nearest area then just leave your comment below by your facebook ID I will contact you by Facebook and after that we will exchange mobile numbers and meet each other for fun and enjoy.

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Sahiwal Girl Mobile NumberHello Dear Friends, I am a regular visitor of this website, in the first day when I visited this website, I didn’t like its name Chawalz Masti, I thought maybe this is a vulgar content website but when I visited this and read its articles then I understood that it is a knowledge sharing website and we can make new friends by this, So I visit this website on weekly base and search for good matches for me but till now I couldn’t find a guy for friendship with me because mostly guys are leaving adult and vulgar comments, but I am finding a good and honest friend who can fulfill my friendship desires, I want friendship for entertainment and outing in my city and outside from my city, so I am finding honest friend or friends.

I am from the Sahiwal city of Punjab Pakistan; it has situated near to the famous city Lahore. I agreed to friendship with Lahore boys and girls also because they are near to me and my city; I am a student of B.Com in a government college of Sahiwal. I will not tell you my age because I want that you guess my age so guys look my picture in this page and tell me that how old I am, you can give your answer in the comments box below. I will choose my best friend from the comments, so guys keep commenting and please don’t post vulgar or adult comments because I don’t like these kind of comments or talk.

So guys I also want to tell you that we will talk on mobile phone but not on daily bases, when I will free I will call you or send you a text message (sms). I am using Zong mobile phone number so if you also have a Zong mobile phone connection then we can talk for a long time. Nowadays mostly I am free after my study so I want waste my some time in the friendship. What you say will I be successful to finding an online friend or not?

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Hello guys, I am Aroob from H block dha Lahore; I am student of B.c.s from a Private college in Lahore. I am 20 years old and I have a dashing personality and my hobbies are playing Ludoo, surfing webs, and online chat.

DHA H Block Girl FriendshipWhy I shared my Thoughts here? Because I am feeling isolation and I want crowd of my friends near to me. So I visit H block commercial market daily for enjoy and get entertain myself, I like Mutton Karahi of Dogar’s tandoor restaurant, Ice cream from Khan Jee, and Paan from Jaidi Paan Shop H block DHA Lahore. I have only college friends but now I want make new friends online, I was thinking yesterday that internet has all the solutions of all problems, so it can finish my trouble, so I am writing here to introduce my self with all of you.

I am a good looking 20 years old well-educated girl and looking for sincere and true friends, I don’t care whether you are a male of female, we will discuss about studies, technology, fashion, shopping and outdoor trips. If you want contact me or want get my mobile number for friendship with me then you can comment below in facebook comments box. I will choose my friends after reading your comments and thoughts about me.

Don’t comment if you have vulgar thoughts, sexy or adult mind, I will never talk about sex and relationship, I think just positive and good so I need positive and good friends. So keep commenting on my post below by using your facebook ID and share my post with all of your friends they want friendship online.

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Here we are going to write about the charming and delightful girl of Lahore Pakistan. Here you will know about the boys and girls of Pakistan as well. The main point of our topic for today is friendship among all over Pakistani male and female. The girls of Lahore are very beautiful and attractive that’s why everyone likes to make them friends. Lahore is a famous city of Pakistan which is already known for such friendship that all over Pakistani male and female really like. We have a normal but very friendly girl of Lahore her name is Nabila Imam. She is 22 years old and she is the student of MSC in Lahore Government College.

Nabila Imam is a very attractive and natural beautiful girl. Nabila Imam is from normal family of Lahore. She has many friends in college but she want to make more true and honest friends for mobile friendship. Nabila Imam loves only those boys and girls of Pakistan who have some free time for their friends and lovers. She personally hates those boys and girls who just do friendship for time pass which is not good for anyone.

nabila-imam-from-lahore-require-free-mobile-friendshipNabila Imam visited our site and joined it because she really liked it. She watched lots of Pakistani girls and boys here who joined our site just to make friends across Pakistan. I know that there are many people across Pakistan who really wants to make some friends for mobile friendship. They like only true and sincere friendship with Pakistani male and female. They want to spend their boring time new friends and lovers across Pakistan and make it happy moments of life.

Nabila Imam is also one of these girls from Lahore Pakistan. She is waiting our site for real and loyal friends if anyone wants to be the true and sincere friend of Nabila Imam so visit now and join our site after that invite her for friendship.

I expect that you will appreciate this amazing site of friendship across Pakistan that especially made for all those Pakistani male and female who love mobile friendship. Now you can chat from your homes with friends and lovers very easily just to join our site and enjoy the friendship of Pakistani girls. But don’t forget to share your mobile number in the comments box below.

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